Thursday, September 13, 2007

"I Can Handle It"...

Napping for Sj is a thing of the past. Maybe once a month, the girls and I will all catch a cat nap together. Bless those moments. We've been going non-stop lately, with pre-school starting, visits with friends, things to do with nana/papa. I was putting GL down for her afternoon nap and Sj was having quiet time with Nana. In an effort to get her to go to possibly take a nap, Nana told Sj she was going to take a nap as well. It didn't work. Sj quickly replied to Nana with, I'm going to go upstairs while you take a nap, "don't worry nana, I can handle it".. Yeah, an-almost 4 year old, can handle the house to herself. I can only imagine what would have come of that free time. Aah, the things she comes up with.. I love it.

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