Friday, October 26, 2007

Aspen, There We Go...

Well, we did have a little getaway planned for the weekend. We were heading with the girls to Aspen, to catch a ski movie called Warren Miller's Playground and to have some fun! Geez, if we made it this weekend, we could have called it a tradition. But, we aren't going as Little Miss G has caught the bug that was nasty last week to Little Miss Sj. It's almost a relief that G has gotten it, I was walking on pins and needles everyday, watching every move, checking for symptoms. Was that a cough? Is she warm? Well, no fever, but a lovely viral seal barking cough has invaded our little darling.

So just for the heck of it, I would have been kicking my feet up right about now at a beautiful suite in The Little Nell , one of Aspen's finest hotels. Sipping a chai from Ink! coffee, which is just located across the street. In the morning, I would have enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Poppycocks, because it's a bit mellow in town until Thanksgiving. Basically the weekend would have revolved around food. Hmmm...J and I would have played rock, paper, scissors to see who would get dibs at picking lunch, I would have hands down voted for the JBar in the Hotel Jerome and he would've chosen Hickory House Ribs . Either place would have left me content. Oh well...

I'll skip the divine window shopping for another time! Maybe soon, I will get to blog from a beautiful hotel, admiring the Rocky Mtns from a glance out my window. For now, it's snotty noses, barky coughs, and the comfort of home.

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