Monday, November 12, 2007

My Superpower....

Casually browsing the Cafepress website for a gift,I came upon an entire line of pro-breastfeeding clothing. Well, it made me laugh. I never thought of my lactating capabilities as a superpower, but I'm going with it! I can just hear the tagline now, "able to feed on a moment's notice, no microwave needed!". But seriously, a t-shirt? Which boasts how you feed your child, that I am not so sure about. And, I am a little disappointed in the design. I would think a v-neck t-shirt would be the best design for the easiest boob access. Well, enough of the silliness. Personally, I just feel lucky enough to be able to provide what I consider to be the most nutritious form of nourishment to my little GL and also formerly to Sj. I don't think I need a t-shirt, you can just find a little twinkle in my smile.

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