Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Choice, Macaroni and Cheese...

Sometimes, no wait, more times than I care to admit I get bored of packing lunches. I am sure I am not alone in that sentiment. The notion of boredom alone was one of the driving forces behind Colorado Bento. If I was going to publish on a regular basis exactly what I am packing for lunch, it better be post worthy, right?

This morning I just wasn't feeling like sending yet another sandwich into school. I gave my daughter some options, one of which was macaroni and cheese. I don't mind making it in the morning, it's quick and easy and breaks up the monotony of bread based sandwiches. She jumped at macaroni and cheese, as I only offer it typically in a pinch about once a month. We buy Annie's macaroni and cheese by the case at Costco. It works out to be less than a $1.00 a box that way. Her sides today were mandarin organges (.79 cents a can at Whole Foods, 365 Brand), Veggie Booty, an organic pear (on sale $1.00 a pound this week).

What do you make for your kids as a substitute for a sandwich? My fall backs are a cheese quesadilla (softly toasted in toaster oven), macaroni and cheese, left over pasta, and soup. It's May and my repertoire needs refreshing.

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