can't escape a Rescue

Sometimes nature seems to whisper to us in the strangest places. As I exited Flatiron Crossing, my G4, clutched awkwardly to my chest, my eyes immediately fixated on my vehicle. My inner voice reassured me, I am only steps away, and I will not drop my computer on the ground. Relief. With a quick glance to the ground, I see a rather large insect just peacefully staring back at me. Praying Mantis. I give the fella a closer look and notice it seems to be injured or maybe just startled. One wing is strangely flopping around and I can't tell if all of it's parts are intact. I proceed to make my way to my truck, unload my clunky desktop to it's place in the passenger seat, complete with a safe and secure seatbelt. As I am walking to the driver's side, I think to myself, I can't just leave that precious Praying Mantis alone, possibly injured, in the local mall's parking lot, where danger lurks around every corner (if you are an insect that is). So what do I do?? I dig through the back cab of the truck, pull out an old cup, walk over, scoop up my new friend, put the lid on! After giving it a closer observation, I notice, all parts that seem recognizable are in their proper place. They truly are beauties. I was eager to share my rescue with Sj, who loves a great catch. Tomorrow we shall photograph the big fella and set him free, into my suburban backyard, which I am assuming could be considered heaven for a Praying Mantis that was lost at Flatiron Crossing.