I Heart a Good Demolition

Living in an older house, with many updates, the upstairs bathroom was always crying for a little love. The bathroom was a bit outdated, with lovely "almond" colored sink and toilet, gorgeous vinyl flooring, and a grand oak cabinet, meant for a bathroom much larger than ours. So, we started to do the math, figure out where to save costs, picked up items that were in stock rather than special ordered. Ultimately, that means being dragged to every big box hardware store within a 15 mile radius. Hey, in my defense, they all stock different items, especially if they are a "high volume" store. You learn these things when you spend more time there than at your house. The most fun during the remodeling project, in my opinion was the DEMO.. Give me a pry bar and a hammer and I am off and running. Here is the old bathroom:

Now, here enters Pops, a week long trip to Colorado. A solid 5 days of work. Numerous trips to the hardware store. The plumbing was the most frustrating, due to a reconfiguration of pipes, but it all worked out. Mid week, we actually escaped to a Rockies game, to blow some steam. Pops was the champ, we put all that stored knowledge and decades of experience to good use. And everyday, I can wake up to this little charming bathroom: