"It was worth a shot asking.."

Being 6 weeks shy of her 4th birthday, is truly a magical time for Sj. I have started writing down some of her daily quotes, because they are just too memorable to forget. Her vocabulary is just booming and she takes many opportunities every day to explore her new found words. On rare occasion, those new fandangled words don't fit in the context she is using them, but more times than not she's right on the ball.

I have come to the conclusion that my blog needs a weekly dose of Sj, quotes, her words of wisdom, just how they unfolded from her tongue. During a quick stop to Vitamin Cottage, we found ourselves laughing hysterically right in front of the dairy case. It's general consensus among parents of young children that a quick stop into the market, is never that. We are rushing through the store, J and I are finding ourselves bantering with Sj about how many enticing food items she may not purchase. Yes to the Soy Dream Orange Smoothies, no to the yogurt. I promise Sj, she can purchase the new flavor of yogurt once she has eaten all of the yogurt we already have at home. In a kind voice, I ask her to put it back on the shelf.

As always, with her quotable moment, these words just flow out of her mouth with no premeditation, but a true sincerity, "It was worth a shot asking"... Of course a rumble of laughter fills our space as we just can't believe what a sense of humor our, not quite yet 4 year old daughter has.


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