Off and Climbing

Expect the unexpected. They grow up quick. Before you know it. Cherish the moments. All of those overused sayings are relative to my life in this very moment. GL has taken to motion. A casual little belly crawl here, then a sprint to grab whatever Sj abandoned across the room, off the belly onto the knees. Aaw, How cute! Look at her go! Typically in the morning, I can convince GL to spend some dish-doing time in the play yard. I place her in, grab some new kitchen gadgets to appease her, and pray she will remain occupied for 10 minutes, just enough time to empty and load the dishwasher, maybe even put in a slice of toast and feed Sj. Not today, today, GL wanted to just hang out, using her fine motor skills to pick up every crumb on the kitchen floor. I gave in. I thought, well there are plenty of crumbs to keep her occupied (she doesn't eat them, transferring them from hand to hand is very exciting). Then, IT happened. My mommy brain whispers to me, where's GL? I look around, she's vacated the kitchen. I take one step towards the living room to see little miss G, climbing the stairs. Aye Aye Aye. Monk-A-La-Runk is her nick name and these days it is very fitting. Horizontal surfaces are no longer appealing, vertical challenges are much more fun, especially when mommy hauls ass across the room in a nervous panic.