ONE Big Cupcake

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I love to dabble in the world of the unknown. Unchartered territory. A friend casually mentions she wants to make a huge cupcake for her darling baby girl's first birthday. Of course the brilliant minds at Wilton have created a huge cupcake pan. The Wilton food stylist did a wonderful job for the promo pictures, allowing any hopeful mom to believe, that they too could make such a splendid edible display for their special occasion. Turns out the pan is available from a high end kitchen shop for $27 bucks before shipping.

Here enters the dilemma, spend $35 bucks total on the pan alone, hope the cake turns out as fabulous as the pictures..or just "casually mention" your idea in my presence and voile, my mind is off and running. I have always wanted to own a cute little bakery, maybe even a cottage, converted into a bakery. Smells drifting, luring in the innocent passerby. Until I give it serious thought, start work at 4 am, charge $1.50 for a cupcake, and my goodness, sell a ton of cupcakes to turn a profit. So instead, I dream about it. And then, on special occasions I am allowed the opportunity to give my baking potential a shot.

With the help of some good ol' layer cake pans, a delicious frosting recipe, a stainless steel mixing bowl (used as a pan), and Necco wafers to adorn the top, ONE big cupcake was born.

If you need advice with a Big Cupcake adventure, please don't hesitate to contact me!


  1. Love the cake (I harbor similiar want to be baker dreams) and think your blog project is very intriguing. I will check in from time to time. Shelly


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