About 7 weeks ago, I decided I needed to get moving. I did a free week at Core Power Yoga and absolutely became addicted to it, but then the free week was over and the addiction subsided. I couldn't justify the cost, when really the money would be better spent on a Rec Ctr pass, where I can take the girls for child care as well..So I decided I was going to try running. Those of you that know me, also know, that during any conversation about running, I would immediately chime in with no hesitation, "I am not a runner". Turns out, I can run. I gave it a shot. It took some mental coaxing. I asked my runner friends, how do you convince your brain that you shouldn't just start walking at any given moment? The best answer is time. During week 3, I had my break through. I ran the entire time, no walking, no telling myself, just make it to the stop sign, just make it to the tree, just make it...5 more feet. I love getting out all by myself, I love the intimacy of listening to music blaring on my iPod, I love the empty space on the horizon, and I love sweating. I have even formed a running triad with 2 friends on Saturday mornings, we blow some steam, mentally and physically, and finish up our session with a Starbucks drink that competely negates all the wonderful work we just did running. I can't wait for the next running conversation to come up because I will with no hesitation casually chime in, " yeah, I run"..HA!


  1. see, now that you have 2 kids running is actually a necessity. hence the word RUN as in away. see you at 7:30! and starbucks is the other necessity! i always knew i could convert you!


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