The Big *F*O*U*R*

It amazes me that Sj graced my life 4 years ago today. OR if you really want to count that is approximately, 48 months, 208 weeks, 1,460 days. So, what did we do for an amazing little 4 year old girl's birthday?

First and most importantly, the *STREAMER FAIRY* arrived to decorate our house, while Sj slept like a baby. This is a tradition we have started with Sj, and it has come to intrigue many 4 year olds, as she details what the streamer fairy does.

We started the day with raspberry chocolate chip pancakes, made by no other than daddy. She watched movies, the exciting new Dora Mermaid movie, while mom and dad prepared for the party. We went to the park. Daddy and the girls braved the mall on Saturday so Sj could exchange her new Belle shoes for a bigger size. She opened presents.

These made the cut this year!

(Poor Mattel, didn't get any of our birthday dollars)

We partied! We ate, sushi, what kind of food do you serve at kids parties? We joked about the 4 years of photos, I prepared as a slide show for entertainment on the tv. We mangled the under the sea cake, it was yummy!

We hung out with old friends. When you choose to live 1,800 miles from your family, you surround yourself with your extended family, our colorado family. We chatted about the good ol' days, namely the last four years. We felt content that Sj has so many fabulous friends to share her day with.

Most of all, we realized how wonderful life is with a four year old daughter named Sj!


  1. Where did you get that adorable tea set? Happy 4th birthday Stella! ~ Love, Melissa, Emma & Ethan

  2. We had a great time at the party. Can't wait to play again soon. :)
    - KM

  3. Glad to be part of all 4 of those years and more. KV

  4. The tea set is by Djeco, I found it online through a place that carries european toys called Moolka . It is adorable.


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