AAh, the Baby Bjorn. Gotta love it, unless you are my back, shoulders, or neck. For me the Bjorn is a necessity, it's the go-to for chores to be completed-finishing up dinner, doing dishes, walks, backyard containment. For GL it's heaven. All I have to do is say, Bjorn, and she starts squealing with excitement, when she sees it the anticipation just builds, arms and legs begin to swing uncontrollably, until she is harnessed in. We like to give things nicknames in our household and we did not exclude the Bjorn. It's turned into the Bjorn-ie! So, while nana and papa were visiting, they both showed interest in trying out the Bjorn. Heck, who am I to deprive grandparents of such a wonderful experience! Haha.. Here they are, giving the Bjornie a test ride, which they both whole heartedly approve with 2 thumbs up!