Bumpersticker, Omen?

Three times in 24 hours, this bumper sticker appeared on a car in front of me. Three times! I whole heartedly agree with the message. We need change.

I just feel so torn when I think of the options and wonder what the primaries are going to bring us. Many conversations about the democratic candidates, quickly turn to, is our country ready for -> fill in the blank, we all know what the line is- a woman, an african american?? Why do we feel so secure in choosing someone that is just like the rest, just because that's what history has bred? Right now, all I can think is, let's change history.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you. As an African American woman, my answer is a sad no. I think we NEED that change, but is the country ready for it? Can we handle it, and while I want, so badly, to say yes. I can't. Yet.

  2. Michael Moore said that Americans need to stop hating their government. We do, because we don't value our children enough to realize that profit from health care is wrong. Period. Canadians live longer than us, and the propoganda about long waiting lines is bogus. Those who are very ill are seen right away -- that's why there are longer lines for others.

    We need a change. We all need to stand up and say 'enough'. We are the only country in the civilized world (I use that term loosely) that does not have socialized medicine. Some have said it should be called 'christianized' medicine, because it's just, it's right, it's ethical and it's what Jesus would expect.

    The time has come. Start telling others about it. Vote it in. Be a rebel. We will get there.

    Blessings to you!

  3. I've only missed ONE election (nov after sj was born, it was an off year), since my right was handed to me at 18. Trust me 08' will be an election to wait in line for. Now if only our voting technology would come up to speed with our other technological advances, I would be content.


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