Customer Service, HELLO?

I have a random can of soup sitting out on the counter, near the telephone, in my kitchen. The soup is Amy's Organic Alphabet. This particular can of soup is starting to piss me off. Everytime I look at it, I am reminded of the lack of customer service Amy's provides. So you wonder, why don't I just cut my loss, at about $2.49 and throw away the soup? For some reason, I just can't do it. Maybe someday, I'll hear back from Amy's, but at this point, probably not. Here's the story:

In July, Sj had a can of the aforementioned soup. During the course of this lunch, I sampled the soup, and it had an extremely funny after taste to it. I quickly took away the bowl and didn't let her eat anymore. Unfortunately, Sj had eaten almost all of her soup. A day later, Sj came down with a mild, but almost week long stomach ailment. I linked it to the soup. Here enters the can of soup sitting on my counter. I had a second can, and decided to contact the company about it. I was naive in believing maybe they would want the second can back to check to see if it was spoiled.

I emailed the company in July. Handed over the lot #'s and personal info. No reply. About a month later I call Amy's, I get an operator that kindly connects me to the consumer care or whatever the hell they call it. Guess what? voice mail. I leave a message. Guess what? no return call.

So there's the soup. Just sitting on the counter, I am going to call again. I guess three strikes and your out. Problem is I couldn't even go about boycotting Amy's products, because, plain and honest we love them. All I want is to send them back their soup. All I want is for them to care that there could be a problem with one of their products. Bottom line, all I want is customer service from a company, that I thought was rich in values, cared about the environment, and cared about the kids whom consume them.