A Dinner Destination

A Couple of times a year, we make the trek to a local favorite: White Fence Farm . This time it was for a MOMs Club outting, family night out. White Fence Farm, is not just dinner, it's a destination. Their specialty is fried chicken and all the fixins.. Unless your from the UK, then you order the liver and onions, someting I discovered on my latest visit. I'd say, maybe next time, but I don't think liver and onions will ever be an appealing option. How about, maybe next time, I'll try a bite.

To complete the destination feel for the resturaunt, you will find a playground, with an amazing european style tree house (bonus- unless you need to go eat, then you have to coax your child down). Attached to the resturaunt is a barn with live music, old fashioned candy, and tons of Tchotchkes . As you meander through the grounds, you will happen upon animals to pet and buy feed for. The little pink pig is absolutely adorable. Outside the refurbished barn, you can wait for a horse drawn carriage ride, although we've never braved the long line. Another, maybe next time.

If you look very carefully (click on pic to make it bigger), you will see my face in the top hole, GL in the middle, and Sj down below. Yep, close to near impossible to catch. We tried.

Sj feeding and in return being tickled by the farm animals!

Mom and GL having a blast, waiting for our table! Not so bad waiting for a table at WFF.