Good Bye, Summer!!

Summer is officially over. My goodness, how can that be? It seems like just yesterday I was lathering up the girls in sunblock, taking out the hose, and filling up the kiddie pool in our backyard. I swear it was just last week, I was convincing Sj we couldn't go to the park, until after dinner, because the playground equipment was blazing hot. Our walks only took place in early morning hours or after dinner, while the sun was still up, but easing it's way to the western shores. Air conditioned public spaces became our home away from non-airconditioned home. Here's one last hoorah to summer!

Our first experience with Face Painting, after a long wait at the fair, Swans appeared on Sj's face. How cute.

A new experience, GL's first ride in her big sister's MINI Cooper. What a lucky girl!

I am slightly saddened to say good bye to summer, but with autumn around the corner, I can smile. I envision the kitchen brimming with activity, a chance to embrace the oven being on, not curse it. I think I smell a batch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies, baking in the oven right now!
Hello, Autumn! We'll miss you, sunshiney summer days.


  1. I'll tell you what doesn't suck about summer being over: daddy gets some downtime and vacation with the family after 3 months of non stop work!! yeah fall!


  2. well, if you put it that way, I just have to say, YIPPEE!

  3. be sure to let me know when those cookies are ready - my favourite!!

  4. Cheers Darlin! Here's to the Summer of 2007! I am completely devastated and heartbroken that it is over. However, I am grateful that we shared many ice cream cones and family festivities together. Oh and of course the running! Love,KS

  5. This time of the year is a mix of emotions for me. I hate to see the summer end and yet it's so breath-taking to watch the leaves on the trees turn to colors!


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