it's BEN awhile

It all started in the mid 90's..yeah, I said 90's..A good friend of mine went into labor a couple of weeks early, long story short, had to give up her Ben Harper tickets because she had a baby boy in her arms and was spending the evening recovering at Boulder Community Hospital. So what's a good friend to do? Take those tickets off her hands! It was a hot night, I remember waiting in line outside the Fox Theater on the Hill and the heat coming out of the doors was reminiscent of a freshly open oven door, that hot wave that comes over you, taking away your breath for a moment. The Fox was packed to the gills, sweaty, and loud! I left a changed woman. A decade and a couple of dozen Ben shows later and I still feel giddy when I have some tickets in my hand. Tonight it was Ben at Macky Auditorium. Beautiful venue. Not so many drunks. First night of the Lifeline Tour. Ben was right on, humorous through out the show, engaging the crowd in between songs. Every show is a new and different experience, you never know what's up next, what's around the corner. Towards the end of the night, a beautiful thing happened, Ben sang to the crowd with out the microphone. He pushed it away, put up his hands to silence the crowd, and just belted out Where Could I Go. It just doesn't get anymore raw or pure than that. Me, speechless?? Yes and tears welling up in my eyes.

Have yourself a peeksie! Gosh, what did we do with out youtube or cell phone cameras? We actually had to rely on our memory, fancy that.