more JUNK from China

Lately, it's a good day, when I don't hear the news flash, Mattel is recalling more toys from China. Every single time the newscaster gives us one of those teaser comments, stay tuned for info on Mattel's new announcement on the Barbie recalls, blah blah after this commercial break (typically full of junk food and junk toys from CHINA) my heart sinks, what is it NOW?? Then you have to wait the entire news cast for some really random segment not addressing the information on the specific toys. Here's a great link to keep an eye on frequently: US Product Safety Committee Toy Hazard List Or I am just going to crawl into a cave. Hopefully the cave doesn't contain too many naturally occuring toxins. I look around my house, I wonder, should I just chuck it all? Plastic this, plastic that, made in China. I can actually hear my voice explaining to Sj, "I have no idea what happened to all of your toys, a plastic eating goblin must have come in the middle of the night with a voracious hunger". It's really not that bad, but overall it's just a huge bummer. It pisses me off to no end that our government protects corporations over our children. Is that too much to ask, put our children first? I am a consumer and thanks to the "summer of recalls" I can now call myself, an informed consumer, that puts Made In China off my to buy list until about Sept 29th- which is the Eve of Sj's 4th Birthday.