My Life in Reality TV

Sometimes a typical weekday can blow up like nobody's business. Seriously. I had a pretty normal day today, enjoying a trip to the salon by myself to get a major hair cut, a new look. It's the kind of hair cut that leaves you glancing in the mirror every chance you get, leaving yourself thinking, wow is that me? It's easy for me to be impressed by my new hair because I haven't visited my trusty hairdresser in oh, about 7 months. What a shame really..Gosh, I must be worth a trip to see her every 4 months, I have to convince myself.

Anyway, after a phone call around dinner time, the day took a turn. My neighbor has gone into labor and I offered to take her daughter for the evening while she and her hubby labor the night away. Sounds like no problem right? well their dog, Wilma, is also spending the night and that's where the fun begins. Sj and E (visitor) are in that little girl, bonkers sleep over, bouncing off the walls mode, GL is not interested in going to bed what so ever when there is so much entertainment right in our living room, and a "Daah-AAgg"!

Do I dare say, Bedtime? Ha! Finally the logistics are worked out, I'll sleep with GL downstairs on the futon, Pops and Wilma will sleep in the guest room, Nana, Sj and E will all sleep upstairs. GL, first down. The girls take a bit longer, but finally crash hard. Grandpa is out like a light. Nana is cooking her second pot of sauce this visit, like a madwoman in the kitchen. Then come the doggie whimpers, followed by a few mellow barks. Shit. I thought the plan was in action, but Wilma was not happy with Pops. She finally settled in with E at the foot of the bed. YIPPEE!! As nana and I sit joking in the living room a loud horn rumbles, it's the gosh darn Choo Choo Train. If there were only some cameras wired in this place, I'd be pitching my reality TV show in LA right now.

I have to admit, sitting at my computer, 7 bodies gently sleeping around me, I am grateful that I am not laboring at Boulder Community Hospital.