Polka Dot Shoes

Where do I begin? Being tall has it's ups and downs. I don't need to get into the details of it, generally everyone has their fair share of body issues, and the inescapable clothes fitting strangely, obviously in my case it was the typical, "too short". And shoe shopping, well it can be a challenge. Any shoe that was asthetically appealing to me always has to undergo the sole examination. Years ago, the flatter the sole the better. The cutest, most comfortable shoe, could add an inch to my height and it was a NO GO! Time changes things and that's how I have arrived at my polka dot shoes. Yes, I am 5'11. Yes, I am taller than the average woman. Yes, it bugged the shit out of me when I was a teenager and the boys were, well let's just say shorter. Now, who cares? When I go shoe shopping, J always requests that I slip on some heels. It's always that sexy sneer and a snicker, mid-aisle. Alright, I succumb, look like a goof trotting around in some stilettos. Then, the cutest pair just appeared right before my eyes. They were realistic heels. Heels higher than I have ever owned. I slipped them on and wow they were perfect. J urged, you have to buy them. No, No, I couldn't. We left. The polka dot shoes crossed my mind a few times. Now they are mine. Hopefully, they will make it beyond my front porch, because it really doesn't matter what others think, right???


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