Race for the Cure

Today I registered for my first official 5K, the 2007 Denver Race for the Cure! WOW! I joined a team of people, that are all participating in the event to show support for a friend battling breast/lung cancer right now. She's a beautiful woman and deserves a huge team to rally around her during her personal battle against cancer.

There are many events that are going on the morning of the race. There is a women's only 5K, co-ed 5-K, family 1 mile walk, as well as a doggie event. I have registered with an intent to run (women's only 5-K) with my faithful saturday morning girlfriends. They have kindly agreed to move at my snail's pace so we can all run together, which makes the day even better for me!

If you are interested in making a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, through our team the link is below, you can click on my name on the team roster or just donate to our team as a whole!! Westminster MOMS Club/Team Ginny

Stay tuned for my time, I am hoping to be proud to post it. I can guarantee it won't be 23 minutes, like my speedy partners. The beauty of this event is that it's not about the time, but about the experience, the memories, and the support of women!


  1. I am on a team with Christen. I'll be walking. I'm not as motivated as you are. It's such an awesome event. Hopefully we'll cross paths.

  2. Yes, it would be great to try to see each other. We'll see how the run turns out, I could also be walking. I think the best part is participating!

  3. Hi, I have not checked out your blog in so long! I am so proud of all of the beautiful work and play you have put into this! It was so fun reading all of this stuff especially after eating my biggest meal of the week a salad with steak! Love you, KS


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