Sprinkles Cupcakes claims to be the original cupcake bakery. It's in Beverly Hills. When you see a famous waif munching on a cupcake in an US Magazine or People, more than likely it came from Sprinkles. J has been in Los Angeles for 2 weeks finishing up the movie, working long-long days. He's always darling enough to bring home gifts for us whenever he travels, especially when he travels to a place where the shopping is A-List. You can probably guess where this is headed. Sprinkles of 90210, delicious cupcakes, hubby in LA, wife likes cupcakes, hubby buys gifts..Perfect gift=1 dozen Sprinkles cupcakes. Funny how my requests have turned from Shabby Chic linens to cupcakes. Last year when J traveled to NYC for the movie premiere, guess what I requested? Bread from Balthazar . Hell if it's good enough for Martha Stewart, it damn better be good enough for me. It sure was delicious. So were the cupcakes. I've made my way through half of them. I promise a Sprinkles taste testing post to come by weeks end, photos and all. See Sprinkles part 2.

This is the illegal, "umm, sir, photos aren't allowed inside", picture!!