SPRINKLES *part 2*

Here's the official list of cupcakes that made the airplane trip to Colorado from LA...
*Dark Chocolate
*Milk Chocolate
*Peanut Butter Chip
*Red Velvet
*Black & White
*Chocolate Coconut
*Cinnamon Sugar
*Vanilla w/Chocolate Frosting

Strangely enough, I feel like I need to go on a diet. Caloric restriction is in my future, for I have indulged myself beyond belief with the Sprinkles arrival. I can honestly say, I did not eat every cupcake entirely, but I did sample every flavor (11 total).

Now, the fun part. For all fairness to the almighty Sprinkles Bakery, the cupcakes were purchased on a Sunday and arrived here on a Monday. So, while they were fresh, they were not, same day fresh. That little tidbit, I believe had an impact on the sampling and the outcome of what would be the winner of the taste test.

I will cut to the chase and give the Lemon cake with Lemon-Vanilla Frosting my gold medal! It just hit the spot. The flavors were outstanding. Coming in a close second was the Vanilla. I feel like the chocolate cupcakes were a bit on the dry side, leaving me to wonder if I indulged on one in LA, would I have liked them better?? The cinnamon sugar was not frosted, so it was very reminiscent of a donut. yum. The carrot cupcake was loaded with walnuts and just the right balance of spices.They truly have the frosting dialed in, beyond my tastebuds wildest dreams. They spare no expense with their ingredients and you will find terms such as Madagascar Vanilla and Belgian Dark Chocolate on their menu, which some how fast tracks your brain into telling your hands and mouth to get a move on it!

I will definitely give Sprinkles my business the next time i'm in Los Angeles. And if the stars allign, it will be my lucky day, and they will have a fresh Chai cupcake with my name on it.


  1. Do they have those out in DC? Probably just a west side thing. :(

  2. I am not sure if they have a location in DC, but I wouldn't worry, I've heard fabulous things about CakeLove (2 locations in DC) and one opening in Arlington! You must check it out and give me a review!


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