Where's the Beach?

I will be the first to admit I have landscape envy. Not so much for the manicured lawns, just beautiful organic shaped designs, full of blooming color. Our yard on the other hand, maybe would be best compared to a jungle. Large, overgrown, and not very welcoming. Step by step we are changing that. Today we created a beach in the backyard. Now I just need an umbrella drink and a fresh salty breeze to nourish my longing desire for a glimpse of the Pacific.

The lovely rock pit section of our yard. Say bye-bye!!

The border ready for sand! Here you see some cedar 2x6's, 8 feet by 6 feet total. We chose cedar to avoid rotting and the nasty chemicals associated with pressure treated lumber.

A few hours later, a trip to the Rock & Sand supply place, .75 tons of sand, and here we have it! The beach right here in our back yard. The girls absolutely love it!
Happy Girls=Happy Mom!


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