Yellow Jersey, Please

The verdict is in. Landis is losing his yellow jersey. Well, there is one more chance, an appeal, if filed within 30 days. The clock is ticking. Landis raised 2 million dollars to save his name, so far the money hasn't done the trick. I propose the Tour Officials save themselves a lot of catch up work and just pencil in the winner's names in the big history book. Simply erase F.Landis and replace it with the newly named winner, O. Pereiro. Poor Floyd, for a fleeting moment his name was written in the stars, and now it's dreadfully associated with being the first person to be stripped of the yellow jersey for doping.

How do I react to this? Doping is just a bummer. Americans turn a blind eye to doping in other sports. I don't want to turn a blind eye, but hell these men are still riding 2,000 miles in less than 30 days. No matter what synthetic substance is coursing through their veins, they are on the saddle, rain, heat, melting blacktop, mountain climbs that make a 4 cylinder engine chug-a-lug, bless these crazy athletes. If anything good can come out of this, it should be the exposure of the testing process. It obvioiusly needs a serious overhaul. My personal vote is to throw the testing out the window and just let them race.

The negative press is fodder for every idiot that reads a web news blurb. I fear socializing with a group of people, for I can already here the doping banter before their mouths open. It's just another excuse for football-hockey-baseball loving amercians to dog the Tour. It's not going to change how I feel about it! Every July that my cable company allows me the opportunity, I will be parked in front of my television, cheering on the real athletes of the world, with nervous anticipation. More times than not, that cheering will include this phrase, "Go Georgie-Porgie". George Hincapie is by far my favorite Tour participant, and I still hold out that someday I will see him on "the" podium in Paris.

Long live Le Tour de France!!


  1. i disagree. any doping in any sport is cheating, you have an unfair advantage over your opponent. And i know as hard as this sport is, in my opinion the most difficult sport in the world, doping should not be allowed or looked the other way of. I'm sure you are an honest human being, doping is not honest.


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