Dear Anyone....

When I first started this blog just two wee months ago, J asked me what my focus would be. There are blogs about anything and everything. Most blogs are focused on a specific topic. I thought time would give me an opportunity to develop my voice, but now I think time hasn't given me much clarity. I am in need of a secondary title for EatPlayLove, but haven't found one yet, I am open to suggestions. Maybe it will come to me, when I get a cool header, in the mean time, boring header, no cute whimsical quote to accompany it.

Here enters my new dilemma. When I was sitting down to blog the other night, I gave thought to my audience. I was thinking should I write about what I want to write about, or should I write about a topic that would most interest potential readers. That was clearly a defining moment. My inner self told me, to write what I want, the readers may come, or they may go, but my amateur writing is not going to lure readers.. (smart self!)

So for now, Eat Play Love is going to remain a little bit of this and a little bit of that.