Eat Food Glorious Food

Content is my belly. I believe that statement would lead to a notion of overindulgence, but that isn't quite the case, thankfully. J is on a mini-vacation from work most of this week and we have been cooking delicious food. We started the week off with a trip to our favorite, not so close by, Whole Foods. We bagged the closer Boulder Whole Foods for a trip to the monolith newer store in Lakewood. Crappy drive, lovely destination. The in house bakery makes fresh tortillas which I truly find to be spectacular, well that is if you give a shit about tortillas. Apparently, I do.

Now to our menu.. Our plates have been brimming with delight! For example today, I casually mentioned a hankering for a buffalo wing style chicken, I didn't care which form it was presented in. I came home from dropping Sj off at school to find this plate; chicken breast drenched in wing sauce, placed atop a bed of organic red leaf lettuce, carrots, celery, balanced with blue cheese dressing, all on a fresh whole wheat tortilla. I do love my hubby.

I did also take some time to make a batch of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I really want to learn the in's and out's of baking, so I try dabbling around with the recipe each time I make a tried and true favorite. This time, I tweaked the batch by replacing canola oil for 1/2 of the butter. Sounds better for the wasteline, not sure if really is? It worked well, especially when baking them in a large pan, instead of individual cookies. I am sad to report the pan has been snarfed up. I could go for one right now.

The smile on my face conveys the happiness of this brief time, that J has some leeway in his schedule at work! That is, dare I say, before the snow arrives. Our kitchen smells wonderful, my body is nourished, and my heart is so content. This is the good life, watching movies at night, lounging around, playing with the girls, and taking breaks to eat food glorious food.


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