The Eve of All Hallows

A local elementary school was the big talk of the town, when it uttered the words, no Halloween parties. They decided to have a "fall festival" during the school day a couple of weeks ago and have a Halloween carnival during the weekend. Aah, you would not believe the banter that followed such outlandish behavior. Being a teacher, I applaud the school for the decision it made, and I do think all the hoopla that followed was just plain old silliness. My favorite part of this whole controversy, was a letter written to the newspaper detailing the evilness of Halloween, and how we should not allow our children to take part in the worshipping of satan. Aaah..conservatives, gotta love em.


  1. Love those costumes!! We had mild weather here for trick or treating - it was GREAT!!! ~ Melissa

  2. the candy has disappeared here too, but thats because mummy is sick and pregnant and ate quite bit of it!


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