Fall is Upon Us..

A blanket of cold and rain has descended over sunny Colorado. This weather has prompted me to create a list of things I must do to prepare for the cold weather ahead:

1. Bake Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies !DONE!

2. Hide all summery clothes from Sj.
3. Dig out the cold weather clothes for GL.
4. Convince myself that the 40+ bags of leaves we will rake is mother nature's version of a gym work out.
5. Sort through my sweaters and keep those that will make it through another season.
6. Carve pumpkins.
7. Figure out Christmas gifts for the girls, as mail order will be essential this year.
8. Buy flannel sheets, snuggly.
9. Prompt and beg J to remove the window AC unit as soon as possible.
10. Eat warm and delicious cookies, while procrastinating about #'s 2-9!!

Remember this list, when it's in the 70's next week.