Go Rockies, I'll Be Cheering From Home!!

I guess you could say my heart wasn't totally into the ticket buying experience. My heart didn't feel like it was going to beat out of my chest, once. That usually happens when I am purchasing tickets for a Ben show or Radiohead for J. I typically have squeaky clean ticket karma, but not Rockies ticket karma. I gave it a valiant effort anyway.

I tried yesterday and today to purchase tickets for the World Series online. The Rockies announced late last week, they would only have online ticket sales. Yesterday the system crashed. Today wasn't much better for me. For 2.5 hours, on and off, I visited my computer screen to find these messages. For a moment I was excited because the little countdown stopped and just started loading, although it virtually continued to load into cyberspace pergatory. Here's my screen shot, for history's sake.

Oh, well..I guess I won't be there live and up close to make history with the Rockies. I still hope they go all the way, I actually would love to see them kick the Red Sox ass! Personally, I think the chunkier-not as athletic-Red Sox players, like Manny will be gasping for breath in our high altitude. Our fit and trim Rockies definitely have the Mile High advantage.

I will be planning my game day menu, peanuts, homemade baked wings, dark chocolate, good ol' junk food! On the up-side I won't be complaining when I don't have to wait in line to use the bathroom.

Rockies will win in 5 games... You heard it here first.


  1. Game 1, umm..poor Rox got their asses kicked. Here's to a better game 2, hey my theory is there are 7 games in the World Series for a reason. This isn't football.


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