Go, Rockies!

Well, my first love of sport is for the Tour de France, my second love is for World Cup Soccer. As of the other night, I have a new interest, Colorado Rockies. I know, baseball..it seems so odd. I grew up watching the Yankees, I think it's in my blood to be a Yankee fan. I have a photo from my childhood, I am dressed head to toe in a Yankee uniform, guess that's what 3 brothers will do to you. I haven't found a photo yet of me dressed up in some princess garb. Dismissed as coincidence.

Over the years, I tap into my love of baseball during the World Series. Typically, the Yankees are playing so it's all good. Well, this year, the little team that could is making strides. The Rockies are in Division playoffs. I love an underdog. We saw the Rockies in May, it was a blast. I was surprised at how much fun I had at the game. I am assuming it has a lot to do with all the great snacks offered at Coors Field.

One game down, maybe 2 more to go.. sweep, sweep, sweep. Hopefully, I'll see both of my worlds collide in a Colorado Rockies, New York Yankee World Series..