Hodge Podge

I have a whole Hodge Podge of thoughts running through my head right now. First, I will begin with, aaah--the poor Rockies. They were swept away from the World Series Title..Now I can return to doing exciting things with my evenings, like laundry, blogging, reading through an endless stack of magazines I've been neglecting, and watching meaningless television.

On more important home news, I am not sure if you remember my post about Uniqua, our vertical floating betta fish? Well, I am saddened (not really) to report that she has successfully moved onto the local duck pond. In the most appropriate fashion, the entire family walked with Uniqua, floating vertically in her vase, over to the pond. We wished her farewell and a happy life in her gorgeous new surroundings. Sj dumped her food out, so she had something to eat while she was adjusting to her new sources of live food in the pond. There was a somber feeling in the air, but Sj handled it like a champ! I am so proud of her. Sj asked if we could come back and visit her, I quickly replied with absolutely. I now have to take the "pet fish" off of my description in my blog profile page. Aaww...

And, lastly..I am in the process of getting a header for my blog. You know, J and I joked tonight that the Header is like the cornerstone of a blog..and I am with out one..so what does that say? My blog is seriously lacking. I tried to use an automated online header maker, but it was just pitiful looking. So if you are web saavy, photoshop saavy, and are just dying to create an awe-inspiring header for my blog, feel free..As you can see from all the advertising I have on my blog, I have thousands of dollars to pay you with. Seriously, this is starting to really bother me, either it gets fixed, or I go off the deep end.

Ending on a happy note, I have successfully coined my tagline, which is
"It Makes You Smile"...