it's time to get SAPPY

My dictionary widget that typically pisses me off (because it doesn't help me spell a misspelled word, it just says, word not found) defines Sappy as informal oversentimental, mawkish. Now, I have to look up mawkish, because it's a new one to me. Mawkish is characterized by sickly sentimentality; weakly emotional. Hmmm..I may be on to something here. Yes, I am hormonal. I may just be weakly emotional.

I'm in a mood tonight. I should be cleaning the house, for the playgroup lunch date. But then I think, why clean the house for my mommy friends, they know my house gets messy. They absolutely know what life is like with kids, they just get it. So then I reason with myself, sit at my computer, and procrastinate.

Which leads me to SAPPY. J and I moved to Colorado in 1994, 2 months after I lost a close friend in a car accident. That friend, JNM, lived in Boulder, she brought us here, but then she was gone. I longed for some friends. We had friends, but I longed for some true connection. I walked many paths alone that I had previously walked with her. Not many days pass that I don't think of her radiant smile and how wonderful it would be to see her sitting on my couch, playing a silly game with my girls. Yes, this is weakly emotional.

See now, my longing for connections has subsided. I have become content with my relationships, because the universe has sent me one hell of a group of friends. I could go into detail, but the bottom line is they let me be who I am, and they still show up, they still return my calls, and they still give me a welcoming hug when they see me. They fill up my life, they tickle my girls, and smile with such kindness. (Oh and they visit my blog- to read about how wondeful they are)!

So here's to you, my friends, I just hope my shoulder isn't too tall for you to lean back on.


  1. I will stand on my tiptoes...or a chair, to get to your shoulder. :)KV


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