Our Snow Drizzle Rain Man

We always joke about the bizarre weather we have here in Colorado, you know the typical shorts one day, parkas the next. Yesterday it was 70 degrees, more or less. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, not too breezy like the day before. Then, the storm blew in during the middle of the night.

I woke up to the sound of drizzle, heavy rain, falling. I didn't hear the hum of the furnace, which meant we had the thermostat turned to, oh 65 degrees. I immediately bundled up and cranked up the heat. Over the next hour the drizzle turned to flakes. Fluffy flakes blanketed the green grass and various forms of snow/rain mixture followed. It's cold, but the ground is so warm, it's not sticking to the roads.

Poor Sj has been holed up inside for a few days now with a cold and a bout of viral laryngitis. She begged us to go out. J has always brought her out into all types of stormy weather over the years. Now I think she has a penchant for bundling up and seeking out adventure. They made a Snow Drizzle Rain Man in our front yard. He was completed with an organic carrot nose, sticks for arms, and some 365 chocolate cookie eyes. How Cute they both are!