Life on the Fringe

Sometimes (well, maybe rarely) I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things. I did just that tonight. I went out to dinner with some MOMs Club friends, but not the circle of moms I usually spend my week with. I gave thought to cancelling with out my posse by my side, but couldn't pass up the opportunity for some adult conversation on the eve the hubby heading out of town on business. All the faces were familiar and they are hands down, a genuinely friendly bunch of women. Motherhood is the thread that runs through all of our lives and binds us, it's common ground, it's endless laughs, and it's also endless topics of conversation. We were all enjoying the moment of being out with no children tugging on us or crying for help. What a beautiful thing.

After the conversation was flowing, I just sat back and thought to myself that I really felt like I was on the fringe of the group. It's funny, but I don't give much thought to my lifestyle. Although in the moment it was rather apparent that I was different. Many of the people in the group hang out together on a regular basis, so it's easy to feel on the fringe in those situations. More times than not we dine in privately owned restaurants, we aren't huge fans of chains. We drive out of the hub-bub suburbia to grocery shop. I listen to music that isn't always found on the radio. I am a bit weird by nature. I seek out non-mainstream ideals. Hell, we enjoy eating tofu. Although, soy has been red flagged in my mind, thanks to Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle . What's funny is that I am not saying this group of people does the exact opposite of what I just mentioned, I guess I just don't really know. I do know I felt different.

But then again, that's what great about life. I can get together with a group of women and have food, drink, and laughter. I can leave knowing that i've learned some things about those women that I didn't know before. And maybe, just maybe next time, I won't feel so on the fringe.