more RECALLS please take a moment

My mom casually mentioned something about a recall of Baby Einstein Cloth Blocks. Here starts the ball rolling, YET AGAIN. Yes, we own them, but they are of Sj's generation, not recently manufactured. To top it off, just the blue one is being recalled. I don't know how this goes over with you, but I most certainly can't take away a blue block and hand over the other 3, which are part of the set without hesitation. One goes, they all go.

Now, I am checking the list, checking it twice. Gonna find out who's a naughty manufacturer. Turns out everyone from Pottery Barn to Graco to REI is on the list, please read it.

The really cute painted pink and green sand tools I bought with such excitement this summer from Target are TOXIC. This is an example of the other tools that were also Target recalls. I just got my refund. (Insert your favorite explitive here)! Then yell it out loud and that's where I am at right about now!

Time for the move to the cave. Before I go, I urge you to please read these two lists. I have been checking just the toy recalls, but just noticed an entire scrolling page of CHILD recalls, from clothing to back packs to you name it.

Children's Products- not toys

More THOMAS recalls

Latest TOY list

Call me strange, but you will find Hanna Andersson on the list, guess they didn't put enough toxins on some of their pajamas, they pose a fire hazard. I'll take the risk over the poison.


  1. I groan everytime i hear the word recall. As jay Leno said last night if china has so much lead perhaps thats what they should start making instead of toys! Everyone is getting a book this year!!


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