Race Today for the Cure

Today was the big day. We woke up at the crack of dawn, got dressed in our gloves, scarves, and PINK, and headed to Denver. Our hubbies (Kev-o and J) tag-teamed the drop offs, shuttling us, back and forth. We were going to do the bus, but it's really not set up for the early race. We took a chance driving and it was a good bet. The 7am, women's only 5K was the right choice for us! The crowds were mellow, as well as the traffic. We ran, walked, ran some more, and skipped through to the finish. There were bands to keep us entertained, I preferred the rock and roll, it made it very festive. We were a sea of women, coursing through the Denver streets, how powerful!!

Post-run we meandered through the crowds, collecting trinkets from the sponsors. We were able to get a feel for how large the crowd was after the race, just moving from a to b.The news reports an estimated 70,000 participated! WOW! Next year, we'll know the in's and out's, where to park,etc. I am looking forward to it already. An annual event, for the girls.

I had a fun time, there was no pressure to finish in 23 minutes (it wasn't timed)! Although it did feel like the longest 5K for my speedy partners! For me it was about the cause, supporting a friend, uniting against cancer. We all need to unite and be informed. I can only hope that my daughters will be participating in this event in 15 years, but to celebrate the momentous achievement of breast cancer being eradicated.

The post-race GLOW! Gosh, I have really bad hat hair with the new do!! haha!!!! Thank YOU-K,J,&R!!!


  1. You go girls! Congratulations on the walk! I want to do it next year. ~ Melissa

  2. I am ready to sign up again. I had so much fun with you all!

  3. Cute pictures. That was really a nice time this morning! I am glad we were all able to share that with each other. Thanks again for being my plummer as well. Love,KS


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