Rainbow Bridge


Can a dog have 1 name?

The first year we moved to Colorado we adopted a dog from the Humane Society. He was a black lab, we never knew if he was a pure bred, but he certainly had a pure heart. Everyone would comment that his snout was too long or he was too tall to be a pure bred lab, but honestly we didn't care.

Sj was a couple months shy of her 2nd birthday, when Guinness died. It was his time to go and he lived a beautiful doggie life. Sj still talks about him, like he was here yesterday, which just amazes me. She will tell you or anyone that asks, that Guinny has moved onto the Rainbow Bridge .

I miss having a dog. And, I really miss having a dog, when GL squeals with excitement any time we are around a "daaaah"!(this is where J is thinking, oh no!) I am not ready for a dog, but I miss the companionship. Guinness was very intuitive for a dog and I often wonder if we would find such a loving dog the second time around. I feel like my girls are missing out on a wonderful life experience. You know the Beta Fish, Uniqua, doesn't really cut it, in the warm-snuggly-icky wet kiss-department. But then again, I clean her water about every other month (shame on me) and buy her $3.00 worth of food about every six months. No dog can top that.

For now, my only visits to the Boulder Valley Humane Society are virtual. I worry if I were to get one of those sweet and innocent loving stares from behind the bars of the kennel, my family would instantly grow, with the love from a four legged friend.


  1. Oh, sweet Guinness. I really love your rainbow bridge link. We will definitely use that when Cosmo passes. We hope he will make it through the holidays. ~ Melissa

  2. Gosh, it's so hard seeing your puppies grow old! I wish for you that Cosmo has a wonderful Christmas with the family.

  3. Well, it's actually not his age that's bringing him down. Can't remember if I told you or not, but he was diagnosed with nasal cancer in April. ~ M


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