Rosie the Tarantula

Everyday adventures are the best. Yesterday we visited the Butterfly Pavilion. The Butterfly Pavilion is essentially in our backyard, I drive by it numerous times weekly, and I am sad to report we hardly ever go. I hadn't been to the BP since Sj was small enough to fit in the Bjornie. What a travesty!

So why now? A dear friend and her 16 month old were visiting from New Hampshire. While brainstorming a fun meet up, the BP was mentioned, and I though it was a perfect . We managed to arrived before the school groups, which due to size of the building, is a huge plus. The Pavilion is home to many exotic insects, star fish you can pet, fish, and even Rosie the Tarantula. Sj, held the tarantula, it is safe to assume, I did not. What a brave 4 year old. She claims it's very soft and I claim that thing could haunt me into retirement if I were to touch it.

When entering the butterfly habitat, a warm rush comes over you. The air is thick and humid, the plants are lush, the flowers are gorgeous, and the butterflies are spectacular. It's such a stark contrast to the dry and yellow desert feeling landscape, just out the window. Your mind wanders to far off exotic lands, such as Costa Rica, with out the mosquito netting and the plane trip. I think i've found my mid-january, snowy winter, cabin fever escape. Need an idea for a birthday gift, hubby, just think membership to a tropical resort, complete with exotic wildlife. Below you'll find one of the beauties we hung out with. As GL best put it, "waaas thaaaat" with a pointing finger. Well my dear, it's a butterfly.