Sick or Possibly a Stage Beyond Sick Betta Fish

Calling our Betta Fish a pet is really a stretch of the imagination. I mean it's a living creature, I feed it, clean it's water, and provide beautiful shells and marbles for it to crap on. But in the spectrum of pets, is it really a lovable creature? Do we get home after a long day and run to the fish to see how it's doing? Umm, no. It doesn't curl up on your lap or greet you with wiggly bottomed anticipation. It's just a fish.

Anyway, Uniqua is our Betta Fish, which has been a wonderful distraction for our 4 year old. Uniqua is the disguise of a real pet. Sj can proudly proclaim to her friends and anyone that will listen that Yes, she does have a pet, it's a fish. Personally, I am not ready to be the owner of a sentient being. I am just surviving round 2 of motherhood, in which I am about to embark on the first year (YEAH ME!). I will once again be the proud guardian (the PC Boulder term) of another doggie, which we will rescue from the gorgeous high class Boulder Humane Society. When I don't know.

Which leads me back to Uniqua. She's been floating around, hmm, how shall I put it..vertically lately in her vase. Typically most fish are horizontal beings.She has been spending plenty of time on the rocks, literally laying on them, like I could put a blanket over her and tuck her in. Very odd behavior for a fish, let me tell you. And then, the aforementioned floating started a few days ago. She obviously has some life in her because her location changes in the water. First, she'll be doing the hang-float under one of her shells, then tucked behind the shell and the side of the vase, and then just mid vase. Bizarre.

Now, the tough part. I've been telling Sj that Uniqua has gotten too grown up for her current living situation. Uniqua really needs a bigger pond to hang out in, so she can swim in a big open space and meet other fish to become friends with. So far, my attempts have failed. I was hoping to give Uniqua one last breath in a big duck pond, letting her break free, in a beautiful place. Sj's response was, but mom, then I won't have a pet. Damnit she's right. So for now, we'll keep a close weary eye on Uniqua our vertically floating Betta.