STOP Multi-Tasking!

My perspective on driving changed a few years back when I was in a car accident. My car was totalled, with no serious injuries to report (thank my angels!). This is what I learned..Cars are dangerous machinery, which we seldom give much thought to. Advances in technology have given us more ease in the driver's seat. Maybe it's not such a good thing. I try to be disciplined every day when I get behind the wheel and I leave my multi-tasking for much safer now, nursing GL and typing.. pretty safe, I have to admit.

I often wonder when I see a woman driving and swerving a bit, because she's applying mascara, why don't you do everyone a favor and take TWO minutes to do that at home? or even in the parking lot when you arrive at your destination. Heck, I am guilty of putting on lip gloss at a red light. But ..mascara? I don't hesitate to honk at the person and even give them the two hands up, like come on, for real?

Then there's the classic reading and driving. File folders, flopping on the steering wheel, hands reaching on the passenger's seat for a pen or maybe a post-it... Especially on the highway. Hello, 70 miles per hour, I suggest eyes looking on the road, two hands on the wheel, and attentiveness.

I won't even go there with cell phones. I use mine at a minimum while driving and I encourage others to do the same. It just takes ONE second to look away and accidents can happen.

Yesterday, I was on a casual trip back from the bank, when I witnessed a car/motorcycle accident. It just pissed me off to be quite honest. The car-A Honkin Ford Expedition was at fault and the bottom line was she didn't see him. She didn't give the glance over her shoulder to make sure it was clear of oncoming 55 mph traffic. I believe everyone will be fine, but it doesn't make it right. It ruins your day. Just because someone didn't take the extra appropriate step to look.

So here I am on top of my soap box, yelling at the top of my lungs,