Time To Talk Sleep

Typically I don't offer up sleep advice when it comes to children. More often than not, I duck and cover, when the subject comes up in conversation with a group of moms. My philosophies on sleep are the following, do what works for your family. I have no judgement if you are a Ferber parent or if you wear your baby all day and snuggle all night with them. If it works, more power to you.

Yes, from the sounds of it, I am having some personal turmoil in the sleep department. GL was a wonderful napper in crib until about 7 months, when she got a virus, which put us into a different space. Sleeping took a turn for the worse starting with that little virus. She started to become quite agitated and upset when I tried to get her to sleep in the crib for naps after that. As a matter of fact, she gets so upset she poops, and then I have to take her out and change her. Then I get the sad, mommy don't leave me eyes, and then I get soft.

So what exactly is my problem? GL is not taking a morning nap anymore. Well, not really. I think she needs it because she falls asleep after lunch for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, then she wants to nap longer at about 430. Perfect, huh? Bedtime is 715, so it's just not working. Her natural rhythm is clearly off. I am working on helping her. I would love her to take a short nap in the morning about 45 mintues and then take a longer nap in the afternoon. Getting closer to her first birthday, I think she'll be moving to that 1230 longer nap, but for now, I am pushing A.M. as well.

Today, I stuck with the crib. I nursed her, rocked her, placed her in with her favorite lovey, Taffy. She howled for quite sometime, I checked on her a few times. Changed her poopy diaper 2x. Poor thing, 2x. She was falling asleep sitting up for part of the time and then she would whimper and wake herself up. HELLO! Sleeping sitting up...throw in the towel, little one, it's ok, really it is. I then stayed by her side, rubbed her back, did the nuturing bottom patting, she did fall asleep, but very lightly and not for long.

I think it's a milestone, her feeling comfortable again in her crib. I am not sure what to do.. Maybe i'll just invest in a nice sling and just wear my little precious to sleep in the morning. It's wearing me down, give me the strength to stick it out. I'll leave night time sleeping/nursing for someone else's blog. I just want a safe and healthy afternoon nap..Pretty, pretty, please.


  1. Shhhh! Don't say a peep..GL is napping in her crib...


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