very Inventive

Americans seem to be so darn inventive. Sometimes I have an idea and it just hits me, like that would be a great invention! For example, I am notorious for spacing my laundry, once it's been washed. I would love a washing machine that automatically dries a load, it's the switching that gets me into trouble. Sometimes a day actually passes before the laundry gets switched and on rare occasion I just rewash the entire load. I hate that.

Problem number two, the dishwasher. J is fabulous about loading the dishwasher, but not so great at actually running it. I know new dishwashers have an automatic fill, you just load up the entire soap bottle and then the dishwasher just dispenses the soap. It's one step closer to what I need, but not good enough. I basically turn into a private investigator trying to decide if the load has been washed, if it should be emptied or run. I often wonder, why in the world would you load it to the gills and not run it? But then it hits me, it's usually because J takes a shower after he does the dishes and running the dishwasher and showering simultaneously are counter productive, well unless you like a cold shower.

Which leads me to my brilliant invention. I have come up with a new concept that would help many moms and the general population, with remembering things. That's all the details I can give, because a girl has to protect her original thoughts. Who knows maybe i'll take the idea somewhere. It's a good one.

In the mean time, if you happen to be an engineer from Bosch or Maytag and need a new concept, an auto-drying washing machine or a dishwasher that runs itself when it detects it's full (and it's owner spaces it), would be absolutely fabulous in my book!