What Makes Me Different

This Is What I've Come Up With, Just For Fun:

  • I was married on a mountainside with 40 friends/family creating a circle around us.

  • I check labels to see where an item was produced in the world.

  • I think the majority of plastic american toys suck.

  • I drink tons of water.

  • I think Ben Harper is the best musician in the world and I am a member of his website, where I actually post.

  • I gravitate to clothing and shoes that are unique.

  • I blog.

  • I eat as much organic food, meat, and produce as possible.

  • Our children share our bedroom with us (gasp!no,she didn't say it!).

  • I buy ridiculously expensive shampoo & conditioner.

  • I don't envy McMansions or other people's things for that matter.

  • I know what a fixed gear is.

  • I have my nose pierced, still!

  • I can't eat meat from a regular grocery store, it weirds me out.

  • I drink tea, mainly chai.

  • I exclusively use Seventh Generation (or the like) cleaning products.

  • I don't thrive on being one of the same.

  • I have challenged myself numerous times to use my library card more than my debit card in a week.

  • I am a 5'11 woman.

  • I will own a successful business someday.

  • I long to live in Italy and speak the native tongue.

  • I think the Tour de France is the best sporting event in the world.

  • I use Canvas Bags.

  • My child has never eaten a Happy Meal, we prefer Good Times.

  • I take care of the majority of our home maintainence.

  • I think Walmart sucks (although I don't boycott it).

  • I won't buy anything that contains high fructose corn syrup (unless it's a beverage when I am out to eat!).

  • I don't care to spend long durations away from my children.

  • I don't shower every day and I only shave every few.

  • I use an Apple computer.

And the list could go on and on..Thanks for making it this far!

It seemed rather appropriate to add this! Too funny...


  1. Ok, we are trying to start something here. Come up with your own list and post it NOW!! It can be 5+ things, I am excited to see what happens...

  2. 1) I am open-minded.
    2) I don't believe in diets. I think exercise and eating, fresh, preservative free foods are the key to looking young and feeling like a million bucks.
    3) I believe that trying new things, new foods and meeting new people are essential to individual growth.
    4) I do my best everyday to try and not sweat the small stuff.
    5) I enthusiastically enjoy every single holiday and always make a big deal out of each one.
    6) I am constantly making up songs to get my kids to do things for me.
    7) I get excited about grocery shopping. I love strolling down the aisles of quality grocery stores.
    8) I'm a good listener.
    9) I am a survivor of a dysfunctional family.
    10) My husband still makes my heart skip after 12 years of marriage.
    11) My children are the best thing I've helped create.
    12) I seriously consider having my own restaurant someday.
    13) I have a lot of patience.
    14) I love reading books that inspire me or teach me about positive outlooks on life.
    15) I love to laugh as much as I can.
    16) I have a weakness for cooking magazines and cookbooks.
    17) I firmly believe in Dr. Oz.
    18) I want to learn how to play the guitar.

  3. One more thing!....19) I want to do a blog someday too!~ Melissa

  4. 1) I believe in magic
    2) I meditate and also love celebrity magazines like US
    3) I genuinely love to clean and my biggest material attachment is my vaccuum
    4) I believe that anyone can accomplish just about anything no matter how far fetched it seems
    5) I just wrote my first children's book, just got the idea six days ago, and had never thought of writing one prior to that
    6) I am not very practical eventhough I pretend to be
    7) In fact, I am naive
    8) In fact, some would say I am a total princess
    9) I am actually OK with all of this
    10) I am also an obsessive nurturer
    11) I too sleep with my children and they are far from babies
    12) I think that if everyone feels how they are special or different it could greatly reduce stagnation, fear, health, and money problems
    13) Love, Keri

  5. 1. I don't drink soda except for rare occasions.
    2. I just planted garlic and now I smell like a wonderful Italian restaurant.
    3. I don't believe chocolate milk is not a healthy substitute for soda.
    4. I am afraid of birds and fish.
    5. I love staying home with my kids and never feel bad that I am not saving for my retirement or social security.
    6. I like barnyard animals and their smell does not bother me.
    7. Sweet potatoes are my favorite food.
    8. I don't care if my children get dirty, there is plenty of time for clean.
    9. I don't base my self worth on cooking or cleaning (I am beginning to like to cook now and I honestly do like to vacuum) or being the world's best mom, but instead I am trying to appreciate life, finding the humor in it, and remembering to love my family for who they are NOW...this is a daily struggle.
    10. I hate to grocery shop. I would rather go to the dentist.
    11. I LOVE going to museums of all kinds, especially living history museums.
    12. I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself.
    13. I can't sit still and have the attention span of a flea.

  6. I'm loving it already! I suppose I could post my top 5 things that make all of you different as well!

  7. 1) I am still a punk rocker at heart despite the fact that I am a suit by day.
    2) I am fiercly independent.
    3) I enjoy high culture and low brow culture equally.
    4) I still have a Myspace account.
    5) I love being outdoors, even in the opressive Texas heat.
    6) I work on myself as much as I work on my business.
    7) I have a minimalist aestheic.
    8) I think JK Huysmans is the best author ever.
    9) I have a very good memory.

    -greetings from the ATX!

  8. 1) I love to travel
    2) I can speak french (and Scottish!)
    3) I once lived on an island with only 500 people.
    4) I didn't learn to drive till i was 28
    5) I too take care of most of the home maintenance
    6) I love to read mathematical books as much as fictional ones.
    7) I love baths
    8) I am extremely double jointed
    9) I used to play field hockey
    10) i wonder every day why we pay taxes and yet can't vote!



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