Back To The Grind iComic Relief

We all have to sort through the links that coming flying into our inboxes daily. Most of the time, I can't open them, because I don't have the appropriate Microsoft Player. I use Safari and a Mac, so I feel blessed I am kept out of the loop on most of that randomness.

Anyway, I did find this YouTube link hilarious because it is so true. This is in honor of my hubby, who has just gotten a new iPod Nano and a Crackberry in the last week. Yes, you are correct, I've been reduced to the bottom of the list. Conversations have turned into, "what honey- were you talking to me?" Nevermind.
Enjoy and listen closely! Friday will be here before we know it.

BTW, the real Feist song, from the commercial, is one of the first songs that made me go out and slap down my buck for it on iTunes!


  1. they i-screwed me again! funny...j


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