Karma is believed to be informal destiny or fate. One may also refer to a similar circumstance as coincidence. Call it what you like, but I believe in karma more than coincidence and serendipity is just the icing on the cake.

More times than not, when I turn on the radio,Ben Harper will always come on during my drive. When I left the Warren Miller movie on Saturday, he was playing on the radio that was broadcasting from the theater. Sj and I took a moment to dance on the sidewalk, both happily singing along to the lyrics. She knows the lyrics from Lifeline, it's too cute, sometimes she'll just bust out a line, and I can't help but grin!That's my girl.

Songs on the radio, simple enough. Songs at the mall, a bit funnier. Background music at the grocery store, always a hoot between J and I. I can't recall the most obscure place I heard a Ben tune blaring, but I know it always makes me smile. I'm just tuned into the Ben universe and it whispers to me around so many corners.

Which can lead to by-chance meetings. After a show we saw in Steamboat Springs a few years back, we left after Ben's set. About 30 minutes out of town, J had to go to the bathroom desperately, so we stopped at a gas station. I was literally cleaning the dead bugs off my windshield, when a white van pulled up. Guess who jumped out? AAh, yes, Ben and Laura Dern. We've met a few times over the years and I have even gotten a little nod of familiarness. I'll leave out the goofy things that seem to blurt out of my mouth in those moments and just relish in the- Aaah, serendipity.