Betty Crocker Can Shove It!

I am not fortunate enough to have a TiVo system in my home. Which means I am subjected to the commercial horrors of modern day television. With the exception of VW and Kaiser Permanente, commercials have really gone down the tube. We all know that the holiday commercials are in full force, rearing their ugly heads. I suppose it's not a coincidence that Mattel has the biggest advertisting budget, so my four year old can convince herself that Christmas would not be the same without the latest and greatest piece of plastic Chinese junk. Well, it's not happening at our place. I try so hard to minimize the commercial exposure. Maybe I should invest in that darn TiVo, it would save me tons of reasoning time.

Beyond the mass-marketing to children, there is a whole subculture of bizarre commercials playing right now. The latest Betty Crocker Warm Delight's commercial, is literally one insy-weensy step before X-rated. That's not even what pisses me off the most about this commercial. I get the most aggravated, mid-commercial, when they exploit the pregnant woman, who they portray as up in the middle of the night, refrigerator open, a huge dollop of ice-cream gracing her warm bowl of corn syrup laden crap. Insanity! When I was pregnant with GL, Taco Bell, had a commercial exploiting pregnant women as well. I guess when you're pregnant you can't control your desire to pig out on a bunch of nutritionally void junk food. Shame on these commercial writers. Isn't there an intellectual in commercial writing these days? Is witty humor faux pas?

In case you want to know what in the world I am fussing over or "how to lick your bowl until your tongue is tired":


  1. Hmm, a bit over the top. But damn if I don't crave some serious chocolate now from watching that.

  2. That's why it's a good idea to always freeze some cookie dough when you make a batch of cookies. Betty Crocker won't get you to Super Target at midnight!


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