Blogging: My Weight Loss Secret!

The whole premise of my blog is to make people smile. And hopefully that title, made you chuckle or even laugh out loud. There's just strange things happening with my body and I think blogging is partially responsible. Being conscious of weight loss is a no win situation for me. I thought when I began running that I would drop the pounds like magic. But it should come as no surprise, with running came an increased appetite. I don't own a scale, so honestly I judge my weight by how my jeans fit or how a t-shirt fits. Weight is just a number, but fitting into a particular pair of jeans, now that's the evidence I need.

Here enters blogging. I don't eat when I am at my computer. I just can't handle the crumbs or grease, or potential sticky fingers around my keyboard. Being a firm believer in the calories in vs. calories burned theory, blogging must be a connection to the calories not eaten. Maybe expressing myself in my blog has helped me deal with some emotional issues I would have previously snacked my way to escape. Interesting theory. I think I like it. Maybe I should start a few more blogs..

Now let's be realistic here. Gosh, I am not a size 4. But, I am happy to share that I am back in my Seven Jeans, my one pair of jeans that I could actually call "long" on me, fancy that. They have been sitting in the back of my closet for quite sometime now. They symbolize a different place for me, a place where I feel more content in my body. Let me be the first to say they are by no means the "skinny jeans" I wore when I was a skeleton the first year after having Sj. So I guess you could call them my big-skinny jeans. Yeah, that's about right.

I am going to go out on a limb and share some advice, in my moment of clarity. If you find you are an emotional eater, maybe the secret to fight that old habit is to start journaling, start blogging, or dive into something new, without looking back or worrying if it will go smoothly. It could just unlock the door to the world you've been waiting for.