Budget Now or Throw the Budget Out the Window?

Maybe I'm preparing myself for the expenditures in my near future. It's time for holiday cheer which means, buy, buy, buy. Well, that's a bit dramatic, for I am a devoted bargain hunter. I search around numerous websites, making note of the best deals on shipping and price. I even get a rush at the very last screen, your card will be charged , click now, hoping I won't later have buyer's remorse and find a better deal elsewhere. I drive to Costco to load up on our necessities, even though I will make impulse purchases that will totally negate the money I saved by buying in bulk. It's the holidays! Happy Holidays!

The reality of my holiday cheer adds up in subtle ways. It sorta goes more like, pick up a few extra bottles of wine, to have on hand. Grab a pumpkin pie to have with the chicken dinner. We really should buy new lights to string on the tree out front. And then there's the baking, pounds of butter, special ingredients which I won't use again after my baking frenzy is behind me. It's all part of the spending. I won't even go into stocking stuffers, they get me every darn year. Oh, those little cute things, oh that damn $50 bucks later.

For some odd reason budgeting keeps coming up in my thoughts. I don't see us evolving into the "that isn't in the budget" family, but I am enamored by the notion of controlling our spending. Which brings me to November 28th and the gut feeling that starting a budget now would lead to my demise. I am not afraid of having some wild spending spree in Los Angeles next week which would blow the budget. I am more afraid of consciously spending my holiday cheer. So for now, I will take the moderate approach to my spending in the weeks to come.

January sounds like a perfect time to re-think our finances and maybe introduce some consciousness to our spending in the form of a budget.
To Be Continued...