Buy Nothing Day!

Yes, I said it. Buy Nothing Day! The folks over at Adbusters really do a fine job of encouraging us to take a spending break today. All the media buzz is pointing to the success of retailers on this holy morning-black friday, a prediction of the holiday season that is to come. Am I worried that the Walton Family is going to go without their caviar this Christmas? Or that Sam Jr. may have to put the fuel for his environmentally disastrous personal jumbo jet on his Black American Express Card, if I don't spend $100 bucks on bargains today?, not really!

I know it's tradition for lots of folks out there. I carefully flipped through the ads today and couldn't find one single bargain that would make me push over an old lady and run in a frenzy through the store. Silly me, I am content with my older electronics, our antiquated 500lb free television, and all the battery powered lead laden toys I can handle.

So instead, I am going to pull out Sj's stockpile of 12 month old clothes for her darling little sister GL, now that the weather, I think has officially turned COLD! We will celebrate them and talk about the memories from 3 years ago and chuckle about what is yet to come in them. I am also going to do a quick sort through our toys, as the new ones will be arriving with a Jolly Ol' Soul in just a month. I'll be passing things along to friends, doing some donating. Feasting on left overs. And, quite honestly not feel like I am missing out on one big Retail farce.